Distance learning with Webex, is the digital school of tomorrow

Watch the success story of the Colégio Sra. Boa Nova, which, faced with the challenge of distance learning, with the support of Warpcom and Cisco Webex solution, managed to set up a digital school in record time:

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The digital transformation of a school

With the constraints imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, education was one of the areas that was most impacted, having to reinvent itself and adapt to a new reality - distance learning.

For Colégio Sra. Boa Nova it was no different. With a universe of 600 users, it was urged to make a decision for the immediate, but also with an eye on its digital transformation or, in other words, on its future.

Days away from closing the second term, the School counted on Warpcom, as the leading ICT system integrator, in partnership with Cisco and its Webex collaborative solution for its digital transformation.

Colégio Sra. Boa Nova

A digital school in record time

Virtual classes

Warpcom developed a customized onboarding and training processes of the digital platform to closely support teachers in the adoption of Cisco Webex.

The construction of this digital school involved creating virtual spaces for each class and work rooms, dedicated to each subject or project, where the students are participants, and the teacher the moderator.

The adoption of a single collaborative platform resulted in a faster and more effective adoption, which went beyond online classes, since parents' meetings and other school activities are now also held on Webex.

Webex impact was so notorious that even in face-to-face teaching, classroom habits have changed, such as the replacement of paper resources by digital ones; and the autonomy of students in work groups.

Parents' satisfaction with the transition to distance learning and the implementation of Cisco Webex was highlighted in the Annual School Survey.

Why Cisco Webex?

  • High quality and definition of audio and video
  • Possibility to create virtual rooms for different work groups
  • Recording of lessons for on-demand viewing [VS2] 
  • Digital whiteboard, co-editing and interactive polling for greater teacher/student interaction
  • Continuous collaboration with individual and group chat, file sharing and video calls
  • Integration of the learning management system used by the school
  • Strong encryption to ensure the most stringent security requirements
Digital whiteboard

Testimonies on the success of distance learning

Gonçalo Corrêa d'Oliveira  Diretor Executivo do Centro Paroquial do Estoril

"At the meeting with Warpcom we realised that what we were talking about was setting up a digital college. The confidence and serenity that we got from the beginning from Warpcom's professionals, was the main reason for choosing Warpcom, Cisco and their Webex platform. The success of the implementation is due to the support that we found when we were without feet and this cement block called Warpcom and Cisco Webex that gave us the security to make the way."

Gonçalo Corrêa d'Oliveira

Executive Director of the Estoril Parish Centre

Cristina Sargento  Diretora Pedagógica do Colégio da Boa Nova

"In 14 days we managed to build the school structure in Webex. We had to reinvent ourselves. We learned another way of teaching that was a boon and overwhelming because it had to happen overnight. Today, the word Webex is understood as the way to communicate. It's the way we all, among teachers and with students, took the digital step. The key to success was Warpcom's availability, constant help and joint work to understand the reality of a school, which is very different from a company."

Cristina Sargento

Education Director of the Colégio Sra. Boa Nova


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